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Brochures have been the primordial forms of brand promotion. They are widely used for their versatility and portability. Brochures can be customised effectively to convey all the information about the products and services of a company. Therefore, in case you are looking for an effective brochure design company, then Next Screen Infotech is the most suitable option for you.

The effectiveness of brochures in fulfilling your business needs:

Every brochure should have the right amalgamation of language, images and white spaces to entice the readers to become buyers. Our brochure design services India include:

  • Company brochure: Avail our brochure design services to convey the motto of the company and its philosophy to create brand recognition and improve the visibility of your brand in the market.
  • Sales brochure: Communicate effectively with your customers and inform them about all the new launches of products, hot deals, sales and special promotions with a brochure.
  • Catalogue designing: Product catalogues aid you in conveying everything about your products — their features and their utility with the use of good quality graphics and text.

Classification of brochure designs:

  • Bi-fold brochures: These brochures have two folds and form the four panels: the front panel, two internal panels and the back panel.
  • Tri-fold brochures: The tri-fold brochures have three folds and six panels. These brochures are quite spacious, and they accommodate all the details of the company.
  • Gate fold brochures: Gate fold brochures are usually made from good quality paper which contributes to its durability. Its inward folding technique makes it compact and useful in high-end marketing.
  • Z-fold brochure: The name of this brochure stems from its classic way of folding into a 'Z’. They have a formal and yet fashionable appearance and leave a long-lasting impact on the target audience.
  • Insert and fold brochure: The insert and fold brochure derives its name from the spaces inside them where product descriptions or other relevant information can be put.
  • Four panel roll fold brochure: A four panel roll fold brochure is ideal for printing how-tos and step-by-step instructions for fulfilling educational purposes. All the panels fold into each other.
The impact of brochures on your business:

Brochures can be utilised for the successful advertisement of your products and services to attract prospective buyers. You can hand it out to your audience or send them to your customers online. Moreover, brochures can save your time and effort by giving you all the relevant information about your company to the target audience. This implies that you do not have to answer the queries of your customers individually. The brochures can also be passed on from person to person, which works as an effective referral system.

Why choose us?

Next Screen Infotech is a well-known brochure design company. Our team of qualified professionals provide a unique design to you according to your marketing and promotional requirements. So, if you intend to capture the undivided attention of the readers and turn them into loyal customers, then visit our office today and pick the best design for your brochures.

Our Process

Our Work

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In the first step we will take the briefing from the client and understand the entire requirement. Once the requirement is clear then we brief our team about it. In this briefing process we also gather all the content and data which needs to be present in the creative.

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Planning and execution

After the briefing is done, we plan with our team and execute it accordingly. We analyse the client requirement, and with all the data and facts which make few rough creatives. After giving few attempts, we finalise the design and design the final creative.

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Approval and delivery

After the final design it done, we send it for client approval. If there are any revisions to be made we do it without even asking a single question. After the revisions are done, the creative is finally ready for delivery.

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