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A website has become an essential tool for all businesses to connect with customers. Nowadays, AngularJS is mostly used in building robust and adaptable Single Page Applications (SPA). It is an open source framework launched in 2009 which rise to intense popularity. A company that avails the services of an AngularJS web Development Company will reap immense popularity due to its craze in the market.

It has readymade modules which solve a variety of tasks without any difficulty. It follows MVC architecture for a web application where splitting of the app is required, and AngularJS manages the rest. HTML used by angular is extended with directives which focus on creating logics allowing work to be more productive.

Next Screen Infotech offers you top quality of angularjs development services which enable websites to perform excellently with great features. Our focus is to meet the requirement in best possible manner and offers best Angularjs Development Services that suit your requirements.

Why choose AngularJS for web development?

  • MVC Architecture: AngularJS uses MVC architecture for web application development. For MVC, developers need to split the application, and everything is done by AngularJS. MVC stands for Model View Controller enables the maintaining the data by Model. The view is responsible for displaying data while the Controller acts as a bridge between view and model.
  • Declarative style of coding and directives: Declarative style is used for creating patterns in AngularJS that makes the code more lightweight and more comfortable to read and support compared to describing all the steps. Also, AngularJS uses HTML as a pattern language which is expanded with directives. Directives will enable developers to focus on creating logics and thus allow them to work more productively.
  • Ease of Use: AngularJS which is rich in its features makes development easier for the developers by reducing the code as implements the MVC architecture. For implementing data models, there is no need to write getters and setters. Also, as directives do not come as part of the application code, they can be managed by parallel teams minimising the necessity for writing code.
  • Large Community: AngularJS is developed by Google and is available as open source to the developers. Hence, it is free to use, and many developers contribute to the development of AngularJS. It has a large community that makes some fixes or suggests an improvement to this open source framework for more exciting functioning.
  • Easy Testing: The parts of the application that are placed inside AngularJS are easy to manipulate. Also, module separation allows developers to load only required services and perform automation testing effectively.
Why choose us?

Next Screen Infotech is a well-known Angularjs Website Development Company in India delivery quality websites for clients. If you are looking to have an edge over your competitors with Top-quality and feature-rich website, we help you to build one. With help from professional team and strong developers, we aim to deliver top quality websites to our customers using the latest trends and frameworks.

Our Process

Our Work

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Before initiating any process it is extremely important to plan the procedure in order to achieve the desired results. Our consultants make sure that the clients know the entire strategy formulated which in turn, leads to complete satisfaction.

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Execution and Development

Executing the blue print formulated as per the web design and development strategy is an imperative aspect. Our team makes sure that the final outcome is as per the requirement of the concerned client.

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Verification and Launch

Once development is done, our team of testers will verify the working of the developed website using different test cases. The quality team will check the quality of the website. Once they are satisfied, we will give a demo to the client.

We will then take suggestions from the client side and incorporate all changes and recommendations which are suggested by clients. After final approval from our quality team and clients' quality team, the website is launched into the internet with public domain.

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